img2Mud-Hut Studios has produced song placements for HBO and Warner Brothers (among others), award winning videos, and professional digital content.  Our tag line, “Absolutely the Most Unique Recording Studio” was coined years ago, and continues to be a true statement. The fact that we’ve been producing acclaimed creative products in the entertainment industry for over twenty years is well… unique.   When Mud-Hut Studios began, cassettes were still the media of choice. Now, CD’s are a thing of the past. (see The Big Sleep and the Music Industry).   Technology Kyle Bashinghas changed but our passion for capturing and delivering quality products has not. Whether our clients need pure audio or video; motion graphics; digital content or just some help with their website, we have always focused on providing the best price/performance in the industry.
Technology has changed and our product offerings have grown. What began as a recording studio has expanded naturally into a full feature visual production and internet content management (Impact Media) company.

MUDHUT NS-10SHowever, one of the most significant changes in our industry is that customers can produce their own media.  Mud-Hut can manage your project from start to finish, but we are often asked to assemble, master, or otherwise bring client productions to final form.  While traditionally done by studios that specialized in it, media can be generated by anyone with the inclination and equipment (see Can You Afford Paper?).  How may we help you?