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Digital marketing is virtually free.  But it’s not cheap.  It turns out that it’s easier to post pictures of our family and unfortunate friends than it is to deliver regular, professional substance.  Finding stories, producing creative content, and communicating effectively are just a few of the challenges with digital media marketing.  Since most of us don’t have a dedicated Director of Digital Media on our staff, these challenges fall to employees with other responsibilities.  Organizations know they need to take advantage of these platforms (see Ripping the Phone Book in Half).  However, the check they’re writing for advertising these days… is probably a paycheck.

Mud-Hut Studios identifies and produces content which we call Impact Media.  Regardless of your commitment to social media, providing fresh information to your target community presents challenges.  Ironically, the more consistently engaged you are the more difficult it becomes.Lights  We can produce content or we can provide the education necessary for you to do it (see Can You Afford Paper?).

Do you have a digital media strategy?  From start to finish, we can guide… or provide.