Fox Films Uses Ron Pivovar Music

When Ron Pivovar saw “Fox Films” on his caller ID, he let the phone ring for a bit. “Are they selling a boxed DVD set” he wondered?  At the last minute, he decided to answer the call and he found that it was nearly the opposite.ron-playing

The company had found one of Ron’s songs on CD Baby  and was interested.  They were considering using “Keith’s Tune” from his “Yike’s! More Polkas and Waltzes from Otter Creek” album for a movie.

I apparently made a face; because he said, “Yeah, I didn’t remember the song either”.

I have mixed and mastered Ron’s last nine albums, but Ron does all of the recording at home. He brings the edited, raw tracks from his hard drive to the studio.  Ron is an accomplished button box accordion player and songwriter.  He also is the impetus behind the National Button Box Accordion Festival.

So, in a back yard barbeque scene from “Keeping Up with The Joneses” , a song from an album released in 2013, found its way.