The Battle of Rap

CJ Anderson (ChronicLz) has recorded so many songs here that neither of us can remember them all.  Among the things that make him unique is that he is nationally recognized in the world of “Rap Battles”.

Chronicllz03Wait… a music genre that morphed into a competition!?  Outside of the more mundane fiddle contests and battles of the bands, I can’t think of anything that even touches this in terms of a quantum change in entertainment.  This is unique.

When I first heard about this art form, I was clueless/skeptical to say the least.  After watching some of these battles on YouTube, I now believe…    (WARNING:  Explicit Lyrics, Urban Attitude, etc.).  FYI, I have seen NOTHING in my twenty years in the entertainment industry that compares to it.  There are world leagues associated with this art form.

Two competitors (usually from different geographic locations) with only tenuous social media knowledge of each other go into a ring.  They have written several rounds of verbal abuse for their opponent and use these words as weapons.  Nothing is off limits.  If they find out that their opponent’s mother died of cancer, they will use it.  Knocking the opponent out (making them freeze or lose lucidity) is the objective.  There are unbiased judges that render decisions, but the fights are posted online for thousands to judge after-the-fact.

While Mud-Hut has done hundreds and hundreds of Hip-Hop tracks over the years, ChronicLz is the only client to compete in world ranked Rap Battles while continuing to produce his own music.  In 2009, at CJ’s suggestion, Mud-Hut hosted a battle that included Real Deal,  (an internationally ranked battler and MC) and many other participants and fans.

Whether or not you like Hip-Hop, is irrelevant.  If you like “extremely different”, this artform is worthy of a one-time exploration.  It’s crazy.

Again…(WARNING:  Explicit Lyrics, Urban Attitude, etc.)